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Although Flux works very logically, it is necessary to have a full understanding of the flow of the game before it can be mastered.



In Classic Mode you are trying to get the highest score possible for a given set of level options.

In Challenge Mode you are trying to work your way through as many levels as possible. You may only advance to the next level after defeating the current one.

Destroying Pieces


Regardless of which mode you are playing, you will be destroying pieces.  The dominant rule is that you may destroy any piece that has one or more neighbors of the same variety.

The only exception to the above rule is the case of bombs.   A bomb will destroy two pieces in each direction, but not across spaces.  If one bomb selects another bomb then that bomb will also destroy two pieces in each direction.

When you have found a set of pieces that you wish to destroy, click on any piece in that set.  The pieces become highlighted so that you may examine the extent of your chain.  Information will appear in the bottom-left of your screen telling you how many pieces you are set to destroy and, if you are playing Classic Mode, how many points you will receive.

Use the given information to decide if you are sure that you wish to destroy the chain of pieces.  If you decide that you wish to continue with their destruction, simply click on any highlighted portion of the screen and the entire chain will be destroyed.  If you do not wish to continue with the destruction, simply click elsewhere in the puzzle window.

Sliding Pieces


Once you have destroyed two or more pieces, the pieces surrounding them move in to fill their place if possible.  It is important to understand how they will move in order to develop a strategy for a given level.

Pieces cannot float in the air - they must have either another piece below them or be supported by the bottom border of the puzzle area.   Therefore any pieces left without support after the destruction of a chain will fall until one of the above conditions is met.

Another rule is that there can not be any blank columns between two pieces.  Therefore, if by destroying the chain you leave an entire column empty, all the pieces to the right of that column will slide left one space.

Means to an End


In Classic Mode, the game is over when you cannot make any further moves.  This can happen either because no piece has a like neighbor or because you have cleared the level.  When either of these conditions arise you will be taken to the high score screen where you can see how you stacked up against the competition.

In Challenge Mode you must clear the current level in order to move on to the next.  If you do not clear the level, it will reset and you may try again.  If you successfully clear the level you will be taken to the next puzzle.

If you fear you have made a mistake and do not wish further embarrassment, you may click on the Reset button in the bottom-right of your screen.  In Classic Mode this will generate a completely new puzzle, whereas in Challenge Mode it will reset the level you are currently playing.

Leaving a Game


At any point during the game you may click the Exit button in the bottom-right of your screen.  If you are playing Classic Mode you will be taken back to the Classic Options screen.  If you are playing Challenge Mode your current level status will be saved and you will return to the Challenge Options screen.


















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