Q: When starting Flux, I get the message "Run-time error 13", what does this mean?
A: This message means that you do not have the proper version of DirectX installed on your computer.  DirectX 7.0a is included on the Flux Deluxe CD-ROM.  If you do not have the Deluxe CD-ROM, you can download DirectX from Microsoft here.


Q: When trying to use the Uplink, I get a message saying that I "have not been identified as a registered user," what does this mean?
A: This message means that you are not yet in our database.  After your initial purchase of Flux, it will usually take 5-7 days for your email address to be added to our database.  If you are still experiencing problems after this time period, please email us at support@planetflux.com.


Q: What do I do if I forget my password for the Uplink?
A: If you forget your password, you will need to send us an email at support@planetflux.com from the email address that you used to register your copy of Flux.


Q: Why is Flux running slowly?
A: There are a few reasons that Flux could be running slowly on your computer:

If Flux usually runs well, and only runs slowly every once in awhile, there is probably another program running in the background that is hogging system resources.  We can't give a list of every one of these programs, but anti-virus programs are notorious for this kind of slowdown.  Restarting your system or turning off these tasks should remedy the problem.

If Flux never runs well on your computer, your computer is probably just not fast enough to handle everything that goes on in Flux.  The music takes a lot of processing power, so pressing the stop button to turn off the music should speed things up quite nicely.  You can also try turning off some of the explosions and particles in the Options screen.

If you can't figure out the problem and want us to take a shot at it, please include as many details as possible about your system configuration including brand, processor (brand and speed), memory, video card, and sound card.


Q: Why can I only play audio tracks and not the game from the CD?
A: The Flux Deluxe CD-ROM has the audio tracks and the game on different sessions of the same CD.  This allows you to play the soundtrack in your portable, car, or home CD player.  However, some older CD-ROM drives do not fully support multi-session discs.  In this case, we would suggest that you upgrade your CD-ROM drive to something a bit more modern.  If you have no other alternative, you can download the full version from the web address you received when you bought the CD-ROM and use the CD-ROM for audio-only.


Q: How do I solve level:

583 [Normal]?

Level 583 is perfectly solvable, but is admittedly very difficult!  Lots of people have asked how to solve this one, so take comfort: it can be done.  Be sure to try everything Ė certain moves at the beginning that might appear to be irrelevant can be critical for success!

3582 [Normal]?
9266 [Normal]?
10241 [Normal]?
11597 [Normal]?

On certain versions of Flux, these levels are not possible, due to unknown bugs in the level generation process.  We are doing our best to fix these bugs as they become known, and a quick easy fix is almost always available.  Please check here for the most recent fix, and feel free to email if you have any questions or concerns.

If you are having problems on any other level, it is almost certainly solvable.  Try some unusual strategies like starting in the top-right corner.  Or let someone else play the level for a bit, they might see something you've been missing.

There is no solution guide for any of the Flux puzzles; we cannot provide solutions for an individual level, so please do not request them.  On the other hand, if you feel there is a defect or bug in Flux that makes a level (not listed above) impossible, please donít hesitate to let us know.


Q: Where do I send technical support questions?
A: Please direct all your technical inquiries to support@planetflux.com


Q: Where can I find third-party reviews of Flux?
A: We are aware of the following reviews, if you know of any others, please notify us.



Q: How can I contact the developers?
A: You can contact us at the following email addresses:

Jay Wheeler

Joshua Kaelin 


Q: May I feature Flux on my website?

Flux LE is the shareware version of Flux, and it is free for everybody to enjoy.  Anybody may distribute the original, unmodified archive freely across the Internet so long as no fees are charged for this transaction.  We would prefer, however, that you link to one of our main distribution sites (such as planetflux.com) if youíd like to feature Flux.  This way, your visitors will always have the most up-to-date version of the game, and you wonít have to continually check for new releases.  In addition to PlanetFlux, we will try to  ensure that ZDNetís hotfiles.com and CNetís download.com have the latest release of Flux LE.

If you would like to review Flux on your website, we encourage you to do so.  Regardless of your opinion, we would love for you to send us a link so that we can see what you have to say!


Q: What if I have a question that is not answered in the Help Section or in this FAQ?
A: If you cannot find your desired information on PlanetFlux, you can email us at support@planetflux.com and we will do our best to help you out.  We strive to answer emails as quickly as possible, and we love hearing from our customers.


















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